A Place to Eat @ Lanier

Weekend Food Programs for families that may need some help

Here is how you can help today:

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Amazon Food Pantry Wish List

Amazon Hygiene Pantry Wish List

Make a Donation

Donate to the Foundation for FCPS to help purchase items for the Food & Hygiene Pantry
Checks can be mailed to the Foundation for FCPS, 8115 Gatehouse Road, Suite 5101, Falls Church, VA 22042.
The Foundation for FCPS is the 501(c)3 philanthropic arm of the school system.

Request Food & Hygiene Help

Connect with Lanier's Social Worker to get help.

Lanier Middle School is now offering a new food pantry and weekend food bag program available to our students. The program is called A Place to Eat @ Lanier and is a partnership between Lanier Middle School, A Place to Stand, BritePaths and Food for Others.

Listed below is some information on the new program:

  • The food program will provide weekend bags with non-perishable food to assist them when food is not consistently available at home.
  • The program began in Spring 2019 and continues this school year.
  • There is no cost for students to participate in the program.

Parents, business leaders, friends and neighbors are all needed to make our food program at Lanier a success.  How would you like to help?  We need volunteers to pack bags; connect our program with community partners; hold neighborhood food drives; donate food or grocery gift cards. 

Volunteers are equally important as donations. Whether you have a couple of hours a month or several hours a week we can use your help. 

If you are interested in working with us or to learn more about A Place to Eat @ Lanier, please contact us.

  • Maria Marris, Social Worker (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)- @email
  • Katy Malesky, A Place to Stand, @email

Thank You Food Program!

This letter is for all of the great people who have donated food for the Food Program. The food program means a lot to my family as any help provided is truly a big help to our family and household.  The food program allows for my child to not go without. As I do not always have money to make it through the week and this additional food allows for my child to have a meal or allows for me to make a complete meal or it allows for my child to eat something in between meals. The additional food given each week allows for me to not worry about my child going hungry outside of school. Without the program we would not have the little extra to make it through the week or the month sometimes. I truly appreciate all that everyone has given and when I am in a better position I too will give back. It does take a community to help the community, and our community and school family has been a great help and blessing to my family. Again we thank all of those involved with donating and helping our family.


A Mom!