Learning Seminar Enrichment Opportunities



POG Skills or SOLs Covered

Clean Up Your Act! (000111-10) Do you have an interest in changing the world and saving our environment? Be part of an environmental activism project of your choice and become knowledgeable about environmental issues. You decide how best to improve our environment by creating videos, writing letters to delegates, and being a major part of our school's recycle team. Plus. you will earn service hours for your work! You will also engage in outdoor garden activities and paint walls with Environmental Science message. ethical global citizen, collaboration, communication, creative and crital thinker
Fantasy Football (000111-80) Love watching professional football? Do you think you could make better decisions about plays and players than the coaches? Then, this is your LS! Students will draft a team for the week using an auction style draft. Once the weeks are completed they will then calculate the scores and put it into a spread sheet. We will have weekly winners and overall session winners. Excel worksheets, Critical thinking, Real world connection
Wiffle Ball (000111-90) Students will participate in a variation of wiffle ball. Wiffle ball is very similar to baseball/softball. You will run and have fun in this class.  
Card Game (000111-37) Students will participate in a variety of card games. Creative and Critical Thinker, Communicator, Collaborator and resilient individual
Plan Your Dream Vacation (000111-40) Do you love to travel? In this session, you will choose a destination and plan your activities. Not only will you find fun stuff to do, you will make an itinerary and a plan to start saving money in case you actually want to go! Global Citizen, Communicaton, Critical & Creative Thinker, Goal Directed
Inclusive Sports! (000111-07) Ever wondered how you could adapt sports to include individuals with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs? Find out at Inclusive Sports! You'll have the opportunity to play a variety of games and sports while building meaningful relationships with individuals with disabilities. Communication, Creative Thinker
Adult Coloring (000111-11) We will use adult coloring sheets to create artwork that may be displayed in school or for you to take home. Creative Thinkers
Mind-Body Connection (000111-41) Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? Need help finding ways to just relax and enjoy yourself? Join others in a safe and comfortable environment to build skills that help manage stress/anxiety and improve overall well-being. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of mindful-based activities such as, coloring, aromatherapy, and journaling.  
Lanier Middle School Newspaper (000111-91) Calling all journalists!!! We will share the happenings, latest trends and exciting news going on at Lanier Middle School to our LMS community. Global Citizens Critical Thinkers
Challenge 24 Math Tournament and Math Brain Teasers (000111-70) Play a Math 24 tournament. See if you can match wits with your fellow students and play 24. Math games and brain teasers will also be included! Critical thinkers, collaboration, communication skills
Wind Ensemble Sectionals (000111-81) All Wind Ensemlbe members will enroll  
English Learners Adjusting to Lanier (000111-03) A place where new ESOL students to Lanier can get extra support to adjust painlessly to Lanier. Global citizens
Lanier Lit Magazine (000111-12) Write Here, Write Now: join the FCPS creative writing group, write for the Lanier Review Literary Magazine, and get published in our first edition of the year! communicator, collaborator, global citizen
Biking (000111-42) Learn the ABC's of biking, trail etiquette, basic riding skills. Clingenpeel and Ryan are combining classes. Biking helmet is required when riding. If you have your own, please bring one, if not, one will be provided for you. communicator, collaborator, global citizen
Puzzling (000111-50) 8th Grade Only. Putting the pieces together!! Come and help put some puzzles together.  
Crochet for a Cause & Knit for a Neighbor (000111-51) For beginners or those looking to improve and practice crochet and/or knitting skills. Students collaborate to plan a group project. Stitches and ideas can also be applied to individual projects to be done outside of school. communicate, collaborate, global citizen
Volleyball (000111-76) Learn and practice the fundamentals of volleyball. Students will have the opportunity for more guided practice on the fundamental skills of the sport. They may also learn about the rules and strategies utilized in the game. communicator, collaborator, critical thinker, ethical & global citizen
Advanced Soccer (000111-20) Students will be put into teams to compete in inturmural style soccer games. communicator, collaborator, ethical & global citizen
Coding from Scratch (000111-04) Students will make short animations and mini games using the Scratch programming language. creative and critical thinker
YOGA (000111-63) Need time to relax and reenergize? Sign up for this relaxing learning seminar!  
Escape then Create (000111-21) Join a team of creative, puzzle-solving, collaborators to play through some excellent home-brew escape rooms and then create a final escape scenario which will be put up as a fund raiser, for community members to sign up and attempt to solve your puzzles and escape. Learn about codes, puzzles, tricks, design, and story. Solve some delightfully difficult scenarios. Create a room for others to puzzle through and solve as a team. collaborator, goal directed, creative and critical thinker
Friendship Bracelets (000111-71) Students will learn a variety of ways to create friendship bracelets while having unique opportunities to bond with others in our community.  
Yoga and Meditation Strategies (000111-82) Students will take time to breathe and relax. They will practice balancing techniques, stretching, and strength training. collaborator, creative and critical thinker, goal directed and resiliant individual
Bella Canzone Sectionals (000111-83) Opportunity for students in Bella Canzone to team build and rehearse in sectionals (small group setting). We will also be able to prepare more in-depth for upcoming auditions for Disctrict Chorus. Collaborator, Creative and Critical Thinker,
Exploring Educational Games Online (000111-30) Do you enjoy playing on the computer and still learning? In this class we will play on websites such as Funbrain.com, GralmmarBlast.com, CoolMath-games.com, and kids.nationalgeographic.com, along with a few others.  
LEGO Robotics (000111-22) Learn about the basics of programming and robotics by utilizing LEGO Mindstorms to create and program your own robot!  
Coding (000111-23) 7th Grade Only. Come and practice your coding skills in a quiet environment. This is a self-paced place for you to work online on various coding sites.  
Conga Class / Groove Exploration (000111-13) Students will learn how play a conga, and how to develop a sense of groove. Feel free to bring any percussion devices of your own! Ethical / Global Citizen... Creative Thinking
Roller Coaster Design (000111-92) 8th Grade Only. Students will learn how roller coasters work and design their own. You will be building, thinking, and creating! creative and critical thinker, goal directed
7th Grade Leadership Workshop (000111-05) 7th Grade Only. SCA, NJHS, and any other seventh grade student who wishes to be a student leader at Lanier and enjoys planning activities for our students and staff. Creative and critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, goal directed and resiliant individual
8th Grade Leadership Workshop (000111-93) 8th Grade Only. SCA, NJHS, and any other eighth grade student who wishes to be a student leader at Lanier and enjoys planning activities for our students and staff. Creative and critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, goal directed and resiliant individual
Observational Drawing (000111-43) A quiet place to draw and relax! We will practice observational drawing skills in a variety of settings around the school (outside if weather permits). Creative and critical thinker
I Want to be a Writer! (000111-94) Creative Writing- Listening to relaxing music, you will have the opportunity to express your creative writing skills through short stories, scripts, lyrics and/or different forms of poetry. You might draw pictures and orally share your creations. Creative and critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, goal directed and resiliant individual
Stampin' Up (000111-36) Learn how to use rubber stamps and water color markers to create cards for residents in nursing home, children in the hospital, and soldiers who have been deployed. communicator, collaborator, creative thinker
Soduko and Math Puzzles (000111-84) 8th Grade Only. Come and work on math puzzles and master the art of Soduko.  
Coding (000111-95) 8th Grade Only. Use CS First to learn how to code or continue advancing your ability!  
Time to Kick IT!! (000111-52) Classic kickball, crazy kickball, over-under kickball, ultimate kickball, multi-ball, mountain ball - students will learn the rules and different variations of the game and then go outside, weather permitting and have some fun! communicate, collaborate, cooperate
Stand-up Comedy (000111-85) 8th Grade Only. Do you think you have what it takes to make people laugh? In this seminar, you will review and learn to perform comedy. Get ready to laugh!! communicate, collaborate, cooperate
Listen Up! I Have Something to Say! (000111-31) Do you get nervous speaking to and in front of others? In this class, we will develop our public speaking and social skills. We will cover some of history's great speeches, and also work on introducing ourselves to others, conversation starters, as well as our listening skills.  
Wizarding 101 (000111-86) All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Come and learn how to become a wizard from making potions, learning about magical creatures, creating sweet treats, and more! Creative & Critical Thinker, Communicator
Karaoke -Sing Your Hearts Out! (000111-25) 7th Grade Only. We are going to sing popular (school apporopriate) songs . Students come with a song in their hearts to sing and build relationships with one another. creative communicator
SWAT Team (000111-KO) Are you the tech help among your family and friends? Come join the SWAT Team to advance your skills and help other students with their tech problems!  
Tune in for Toons (000111-26) Come hang out and enjoy some great cartoons. From classic to new, we'll view and discuss awesome shows. We may even create our own! Communicator and Critical Thinker
Global Games: Part 1 Classic Card Games from Around the World (000111-02) Learn how to play classic and favorite card games from around the world. Learn and play a variety of card games to strengthen strategies. Or help teach others a card game you are familiar with! communicator, collaborator, ethical and global citizen
Kicking Back with a Good Read (000111-72) Love to read? Do you sneak books into your room at night? Here, you can have a chance to read a good book, participate in book talks and potentially make flip grid book reviews to use on school website. communicate, creative and citical thinker
The Book Warriors (000111-32) This is the place for those who love to read and wish to have a moment of peace and quiet throughout the day! Students will have a chance to read in a quiet environment, free of distractions. Students can share what they are reading AND will also be given free/fun colorful book marks on a weekly basis! Communicator, creative and critical thinker,
Write Your Heart Out (000111-14) Like to write? This is your place... come and write your heart out.Cartoons, Fiction, Poems, Non-Fiction, Anime... Whatever style you like... come here and write your heart out! Critical Thinker, Collaborator, Communicator
Origami (000111-08) Do you love the magic of turning a piece of paper into something useful or a toy or a pretty decoration? This is the most exciting of all Paper Crafts. No scissors. No glue. Origami is fascinating, that one square of paper can be turned into so many things. Learn about other cultures, work together, teach each other and take pride in your work! Collaborator, Critical and Creative Thinking
Secret Sunshine Agents (000111-33) Have you ever gotten a random note or thank you that made your day? Work with other to brainstorm ideas to spread a little sunshine throughout the school and carry them out, but ssshhh! It's a secret! Communicator, Collaborator, Creative thinker
Orchestra Sectionals (000111-73) Students will rehearse their music on a deeper and more focused level. Critical thinker, communicator, goald directed and resilient individual
Paws & Claws (000111-44) For the students who are animal lovers! Students will learn unique aspects of their favorite pets. Activities will be centered around animal care and welfare. ethical and global citizen
Anime (000111-34) Students will draw, discuss, watch, and read about Anime Collaborator, Critical and Creative Thinking
Study Sessions for TJ and More! (000111-74) There are three admissions tests for TJ: Quant-Q, ACT Aspire Reading, and ACT Aspire Science. Come study, practice, and prepare for these tests in a fun and friendly environment! You may also be intersted in this club if you just want to practice your reading, science, and math test-taking skills. Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual
Extreme Dot-to-Dot (000111-16) Complete challenging dot to dot puzzles ranging from 300 to over 1,400 dots. Critical thinker
What in the World is Going On? (000111-75) Have you heard about the 300 pound gorilla who drives? Is it even true? Every day we will dive into the crazy world of current events and determine what is credible and what is truly fake news. It will be up to the students to decide!  
I Got Skills! (000111-54) This is basketball skill development. It will focus on learning the basic fundamentals of basketball including dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, footwork, and teamwork. Collaborator, Communicator, Goal-Directed & Resilient Individual
Balloon Animals (000111-35) Learn to make balloon animals and 3-D sculptures from twisting balloons. Fun skill to have for entertaining others and even making money. Creative and Critical Thinker and Communicator
3-D Cards (000111-45) Have you seen those cool birthday cards that pop out at you when you open them? Did you know you can make they on your own? In this seminar, you will learn to create your own 3 deminisional greeting cards. Communication and creative thinker
Scrapbooking (000111-06) Learn a bit about scrapbooking, and create your own mini-scrapbook using fun papers and yarn, eyelets, paper punches, stickers and other embellishments. We'll use a variety of tools as we create our one-of-a-kind keepsakes. creative thinker and communicator
Chess Club (000111-55) Do you think you have what it takes to plan ahead and out think or even outwit an opponent? Do you want to learn or practice a game of strategy that is centuries old? Then, try your hand at Chess! This seminar is for beginners and experienced players alike! creative thinker and communicator
Introduction to Spanish (000111-28) We will discsuss why learning Spanish is imporant. We will learn about Spanish speaking countries and cultural celebrations. We will listen to music and sing songs in Spanish. communicator and ethical citizen
Origami and Games (000111-17) Students will make Origami, explore Science facts with Science Quest, play wordplay and strategy games like Scrabble, Chinese Checkers and Sudoku.  
I Love History! (000111-46) Are you a huge history buff? Do you know strange facts about people who lived a long time ago? In this seminar, you will practice the skills of a historian including interviewing, reading about famous and the average people in history, and also talking about famous people and events in history and how they impact us today! Creative and critical thinker, communicator, and collaborator
No-sew Fleece Blanket Making (000111-27) Help put a smile on someones face and get in some 8th grade service hours by making no sew fleece blankets for children in hospitals/ people in nursing homes/homeless shelters. Bring warmth and a smile to those in need. And get service hours! Creative and critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, goal directed and resiliant individual
Library Advisory Board (000111-61) Do you want a place where your voice is heard? Do like visiting the library? Do you have ideas to help make your library even better? If so, join the Library Advisory Board (LAB). LAB students will have a hands-on role in making the library a more impactful and fun place for students. Members will provide feedback and suggestions on future library events, activities, and purchases. Benefits of joining LAB include: meeting other teens who love the library, making a difference, and getting leadership experience. Communicator Collaborator Creative and Critical Thinker
Iron Eagles (000111-69) Have you ever considered improving your physical strength and muscle tone by working out? In this seminar, you will learn how to reach your fitness goals with weightlifting in a safe way. Come and get stronger!  
Sperading Rays of (Written) Sunshine (000111-96) 8th Grade Only. Get in some 8th grade service learning hours by writing letters and cards to veterans, deployed soldiers, elderly neighbors in nursing homes, and sick neighbors in the hospital. Bring cheer to those who need it - and get those 8th grade service hours! communicate, collaborate, ethical & global citizen
Mission Possible (000111-56) 8th Grade Only. Do you enjoy being outside and enjoying the nice weather? Do you like moving around the area and seeing your community? Would you like to make your community better? Then Mission Possible is the activity for you! Mission Possible's goal is to make Lanier and the surrounding community nicer while you earn your required Civics service hours. There is no need to search for a place to volunteer and worry about not getting your service hours done. As an added bonus, there will be snacks provided some days. communicate, collaborate, ethical & global citizen
Cursive and Hand-lettering (000111-24) Refine cursive skills and try out hand-lettering. Students with advanced skills may play around with different fonts to add pizazz to their handwriting. communicators, critical creative thinkers