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Rotation 4



POG Skills

Clean Up Your Act! Clean Up Your Act! - Do you have an interest in changing the world and saving our environment? Be part of an environmental activism project of your choice and become knowledgeable about environmental issues. You decide how best to improve our environment by creating videos, writing letters to delegates, and being a major part of our school's recycle team. Plus. you will earn service hours for your work! You will also engage in outdoor garden activities and paint walls with Environmental Science message. ethical global citizen, collaboration, communication, creative and crital thinker
Ping Pong Ping Pong - Play ping pong Collaborator
Adult Coloring Adult Coloring - We will use a variety of coloring sheets to create artwork that can be displayed at school or taken home Critical and Creative Thinker
NHD Boot Camp NHD Boot Camp - Do you need a place to work on research and formatting your project? This is the place for you! Come on in and get some time and help to create the best project you can! Communicator
Loving the Library! Loving the Library! - Back due to popular demand. Read, study work on group projects, have a book club, it's YOUR library! Critical and Creative Thinker
Band Practice Band Practice - Open to all Band students who wish to practice! Communicator
3-D Thinking and Building 3-D Thinking and Building. Do you like to build and solve visual problems? Tackle building challenges with KEVA sticks, Magnatiles, and design and build the strongest handmade bridge with toothpicks. Global and Ethical Citizen, Collaborator
Crochet & Knitting Crochet & Knitting - For beginners or those looking to improve and practice crochet and/or knitting skills. Students collaborate to plan a group project. Stitches and ideas can also be applied to individual projects to be done outside of school. ethical global citizen, collaboration, communication, creative and crital thinker, goal setting and resilient individual
Volleyball Volleyball - Learn and practice the fundamentals of volleyball. Students will have the opportunity for more guided practice on the fundamental skills of the sport. communicator, collaborator, critical thinker, ethical & global citizen
ADVANCED Soccer Advanced Soccer - Students will get into teams and will play soccer games against other advanced soccer players Critical thinker, communicator, goal directed, ethical global citizen
Yoga Yoga - Relax, stretch, and leave feeling refreshed! Goal-directed and resilient
Friendship Bracelets Friendship Bracelets - Students will learn a variety of ways to create friendship bracelets while having unique opportunities to bond with others in our community.  Ethical global citizen, Collaboration and Communication
Educators Rising Educators Rising - Interested in becoming a teacher some day? Then Educators Rising is the place for you! Learn about the education field and gain service learning hours. This group meets during LS and Mondays after school to work with students at Providence Elementary. Critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, goal directed, ethical global citizen
A History of Music Students will prepare for the Black History Program .Critical and Creative Thinker, Communicator
Online Educational Games Online Educational Games - Like learning online? Come explore and play educational games. On Math, Grammer, Typing, Coding, etc. sites. Critical and Creative Thinker
LEGO Robotics LEGO Robotics - design and build simple and advanced Lego robots that will react to sound, light and solve a maze! Creative and Critical Thinker
Silent Reading Silent Reading - 7th Grade Only. Don't have enough time to enjoy your favorite books? Now you have time in your school day to read! Share your favorite titles with your classmates! Creative and critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, goal directed and resilient individual
Yearbook Yearbook - Students who are on the yearbook staff will meet to work on the 2019-2020 yearbook Creative and critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, goal directed and resilient individual
Leadership Workshop Leadership Workshop - SCA, NJHS, and any other 7th or 8th grade student who wishes to be a student leader at Lanier and enjoys planning activities for our students and staff. Communicator, Creative & critical thinker/Goal directed individual
Free Draw! Free Draw! - Take some quiet time to draw whatever your heart desires and improve your skills! Sketch something new each day, or tackle a larger drawing that you can work on over a few weeks. Bring your own materials, or use paper and pencils provided. Creative & critical thinker/Goal directed individual
Creating Songs and Composing Music Creating Songs & Composing Music - Would you like to create with music? Do you enjoy listening to other people's songs and sharing yours as well? If your answer is a "Yes" then this is the right LS for you. Communicator, Creative and Critical Thinker & Collaborator
Card Making Card Making - Would you enjoy making cards with stamps? Test your creativity and see how you can create custom cards for any occassion Communicator, creative and Critical Thinker & Collaborator
Coding /Just in Time Panthers Coding - 8th Grade Only. Use CS First to learn how to code or continue advancing your ability! Communicator and Collaborator
Intro to Comedy Intro to Comedy - Explore the many types of comedy and learn to tell a joke or two Communication, Creative and Critical Thinker & Collaborator
Walking Club Walking Club - Enjoy some cool and clean, crisp and brisk fresh air meandering the LMS campus. Dress warmly and be prepared to move outside to get your steps in. In case of inclement weather, we will stroll the halls quietly. Communicator and Collaborator
Strategy Games Games of Strategy - We will learn strategies behind common games such as crosswords, soduku, scrabble, number games. And we will have weekly competitions with minor prizes. Collaborator
Plan It Planet Plan It Planet - **8th graders only!** Never have enough time to do your assignments? Need help organizing your binder? Sign up for a learning seminar that sets you up for success for the rest of the school year! We will also have an optional "build your own agenda" which you can decorate with washi, stickers, etc. to help you stay on task! goal-directed; communicator; creative & critical thinker
SWAT/Girls Got IT Girls Got IT/SWAT - Previous members of SWAT and Girls Got IT are welcome to sign up for this! New students interested in helping with technology in the building are welcome to join, no experiene necessary. We will also be making vinyl stickers in the MakerSpace Communicator and Collaborator
The "Try" in Poetry The "Try" in Poetry - This class will teach various types of poetry and lead up to a Poetry Slam where students can share their work with their classmates. Whether you're a poet who didn't even know it or a bard with a pen, this is the place for you! Communicator, Creative & Critical Thinker
PowToon PowToon - Learn to use, create, and and submit your class presentations with PowToon presentation tools for better grades and some just plain ol' fun! Communicator
Dance for Kindness! Dance for Kindness! - Learn the flash mob dance that kicked off World Kindness Week. Come have some fun learning choreography and having a dance party afterwards. Collaborator
Get Smart! Get Smart! - Do you struggle with staying organized and managing your schoolwork? Learn helpful strategies for maximizing your academic success such as note-taking skills and color coordination. We will also explore a variety of planning systems to find the best fit for you! Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual
Who's Got Game? Who's Got Game? - Do you enjoy playing board games? Then this is the club for you! Students will play a variety of board games to learn team building and life skills. We will end the seminar with a tournament! communicator, collaborator
Quiet Study Hall Quiet Study Hall - This a quiet study hall for students that are dedicated to activities outside of school and wish to ensure they are able to complete homework during school hours. If you do not have any homework to complete, reading or other quiet activities will be permitted with the exception of playing games on computers or devices. Goal Directed and Resilient Individual
Study Sessions for TJ and More! (000111-74) Study Sessions for TJ and More! - There are three admissions tests for TJ: Quant-Q, ACT Aspire Reading, and ACT Aspire Science. Come study, practice, and prepare for these tests in a fun and friendly environment! You may also be intersted in this club if you just want to practice your reading, science, and math test-taking skills. Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual
Uno and Board games UNO - play the classic card game of matching colors and numbers Creative and critical thinker
Cool Computer Games Want to spend some quiet time improving your skills with computer games? Well come to Cool Computer Games and enhance your Math, Science and Civics skills with Cool Math Games, ICivics Games, and Hockey Scholar games, all in one place. Creative and critical thinker
Balloon Animals (000111-35) Balloon Animals - Learn to make balloon animals and 3-D sculptures from twisting balloons. Fun skill to have for entertaining others and even making money. Creative and Critical Thinker and Communicator
Ready to Read! Ready to Read! - 8th Grade Only. Love to read? Here's your opportunity to enjoy a good book, chat with others about it, and explore the skill of reading aloud! Bring your favorite or current book, and we'll start from there! Communicator
Chess Club Chess Club - Do you think you have what it takes to plan ahead and out think or even outwit an opponent? Do you want to learn or practice a game of strategy that is centuries old? Then, try your hand at Chess! This seminar is for beginners and experienced players alike! Creative and Critical Thinker
stress free room Stress-free Room - High stress can lead to anxiety, and procrastination/avoidance. The stress-free room will help you to set manageable goals and learn healthy coping strategies for better self-care management. Goal Directed and Resilient Individual
Origami, Sudoku and games Origami & Games - Students will make Origami, explore Science facts with Science Quest, play wordplay and strategy games -Chinese Checkers, Upwords and Sudoku. goal Directed and Resilient Individual
NHD Boot Camp NHD Boot Camp - Do you need a place to work on research and formatting your project? This is the place for you! Come on in and get some time and help to create the best project you can! Creative and Critical Thinker
No sew Tie Blankets No Sew Tie Blankets - Make no sew tie blankets for the children in the hospital. creative thinking
Iron Eagles Iron Eagles - Have you ever considered improving your physical strength and muscle tone by working out? In this seminar, you will learn how to reach your fitness goals with weightlifting in a safe way. Come and get stronger! Goal Directed and Resilient
Let’s strategize! Let's Strategize! - Are you always thinking several steps ahead? Perhaps you’d be a great strategist someday! Let’s begin to hone these skills by playing strategy games. The Settlers of Catan, Alhambra, Avalon, Coup, Risk, The Resistance, Pandemic - we’ll play them and then discuss how the games mirror real world issues that we as informed citizens can take informed action to try to help solve! communicate, collaborate, goal-oriented and resilient
Exceptional Learning Just In Time Just In Time for 8th grade special ed students. Students will be assigned by teachers on a daily basis. goal-oriented and resilient
Cursive & Hand Lettering Cursive & Hand Lettering - Learn cursive, refine your handwriting skills, and try out hand-lettering/calligraphy creative thinking communicate


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