Learning Seminar Enrichment Opportunities

Rotation 5

Title - Description Portrait of a Graduate
Leadership Workshop - SCA, NJHS, and any other 7th or 8th grade student who wishes to be a student leader at Lanier and enjoys planning activities for our students and staff. Communicator
Clean Up Your Act! - Do you have an interest in changing the world and saving our environment? Be part of an environmental activism project of your choice and become knowledgeable about environmental issues. You decide how best to improve our environment by creating videos, writing letters to delegates, and being a major part of our school's recycle team. Plus. you will earn service hours for your work! You will also engage in outdoor garden activities and paint walls with Environmental Science message. Global/Ethical Citizen
Adult Coloring - We will use a variety of coloring sheets to create artwork that can be displayed at school or taken home. Creative/Critical Thinking
Sing Your Heart Out! - We are going to sing popular (school appropriate) songs . Students come with a song in their hearts to sing and build relationships with one another. Communicator
UNO - play the classic card game of matching colors and numbers Collaborator
Origami & Games - Students will make Origami, explore Science facts with Science Quest, play wordplay and strategy games -Chess, Chinese Checkers, Upwords and Sudoku. Goal-Directed/Resilient
Advanced Soccer - Students will get into teams and will play soccer games against other advanced soccer players Goal-Directed/Resilient
Strategic Card Games - Bring your knowledge and your decks to see if you truly believe in the heart of the cards! Play different card games such as- Magic the Gathering, Keystone, Yu Gi Oh, Dominion, and others. Discuss winning strategies, deck building, probability and compete against your fellow students. Communicator
LEGO Robotics - design and build simple and advanced Lego robots that will react to sound, light and solve a maze! Creative/Critical Thinking
Time to Read! - Don't have enough time to enjoy your favorite books? Now you have time in your school day to read! Share your favorite titles with your classmates! Communicator
No-Sew Tie Blankets - Join us in making no sew tie blankets for children in the hospital and homeless shelters. Service hours opportunity. Global/Ethical Citizen
Stress-free Room - High stress can lead to anxiety, and procrastination/avoidance. The stress-free room will help you to set manageable goals and learn healthy coping strategies for better self-care management. Goal-Directed/Resilient
Exploring Educational Games Online - Do you enjoy playing on the computer and still learning? In this class we will play on websites such as Funbrain.com, GrammarBlast.com, CoolMath-games.com, and kids.nationalgeographic.com, along with a few others. Communicator
Games of Strategy - We will learn strategies behind common games such as crosswords, soduku, scrabble, number games. And we will have weekly competitions with minor prizes. Creative/Critical Thinking
8th Grade Silent Sustained Reading - Students will have time to read a book of their choice in a quiet and safe environment. Communicator
Quiet Study Hall - This a quiet study hall for students that are dedicated to activities outside of school and wish to ensure they are able to complete homework during school hours. If you do not have any homework to complete, reading or other quiet activities will be permitted with the exception of playing games on computers or devices. (No Gaming!) Communicator
Ping Pong - Play ping pong!!  We will use the tables in the cafeteria. Collaborator
Free Drawing - Take some time in a quiet space to draw whatever your heart desires! Work on a larger drawing or start something new each day, it's up to you. Creative/Critical Thinking
Paws & Claws - For the students who are animal lovers! Students will learn unique aspects of their favorite pets. Activities will be centered around animal care and welfare. Global/Ethical Citizen
Mathalicious - The world is filled with interesting questions. In this session you will explore math behind the real world topics. Creative/Critical Thinking
Go Back in Time with Books - Looking for a time to just get lost with some characters? Come read historical fiction with us! Global/Ethical Citizen
Puzzles - Putting the pieces together! Come help put some puzzles together! Collaborator
I Got Skills! - This learning seminar is centered around basketball skill development. We will focus on the fundamentals of basketball including dribbling, passing, defense, shooting, footwork, rebounding, and teamwork Goal-Directed/Resilient
Chess Club - Do you think you have what it takes to plan ahead and out think or even outwit an opponent? Do you want to learn or practice a game of strategy that is centuries old? Then, try your hand at Chess! This seminar is for beginners and experienced players alike! Goal-Directed/Resilient
Loving the Library! - Read, Check out, Have a Book Club, in a quiet, peaceful environment. Communicator
Iron Eagles - Have you ever considered improving your physical strength and muscle tone by working out? In this seminar, you will learn how to reach your fitness goals with weightlifting in a safe way. Come and get stronger! Goal-Directed/Resilient
Friendship Bracelets - Students will learn a variety of ways to create friendship bracelets while having unique opportunities to bond with others in our community.  Collaborator
Study Sessions for TJ and More! - There are three admissions tests for TJ: Quant-Q, ACT Aspire Reading, and ACT Aspire Science. Come study, practice, and prepare for these tests in a fun and friendly environment! You may also be intersted in this club if you just want to practice your reading, science, and math test-taking skills. Creative/Critical Thinking
Cool Computer Games - Come play on brain-training sites where logic & thinking & math meets fun & games! Communicator
Band Practice - any students who are enrolled in Band may come and practice! Collaborator
Educators Rising - Interested in becoming a teacher some day? Then Educators Rising is the place for you! Create hands-on interactive lessons ending with an after school trip to Providence Elementary School, where you will put your learning to practice! Students will recieve some service hours for participating in this learning seminar session. Global/Ethical Citizen
Introduction to Comedy - Explore the many different forms of comedy and learn to perform a comedy routine. Communicator
Advanced Wiffle Ball - an opportunity to display baseball and sofball skills in a fun environment. Goal-Directed/Resilient
Finger Painting with Dry-Erase Markers - Are you creative and have a lot of imagination? Well, in this LS, you will be able to explore your artistic skills in a new way. You will also have the opportunity to share your art with others. Creative/Critical Thinking
Coding - Learn to write code using the website of your choice! Communicator
Dungeons & Dragons - Escape the school day by stepping into an alternate universe and become a powerful wizard, a brilliant elf, or a cunning rogue, and tackle adventures together with your friends! No experience needs. Just a willingness to learn and collaborate together! Collaborator
SWAT & Girls Got IT - Students interested in helping with technology in the building are welcome to join, no experience necessary. Global/Ethical Citizen
You're Just My Type - How many words can you type in a minute? The world record is 212 words per minute! Work on your typing skills in this Learning Seminar Communicator

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