Civics Project Based Learning (PBL) Activity Spotlight

Providing Civics Students Voice and Choice Options in their Learning

February 19, 2019

Project Description

After completing a lesson on policymaking, lobbying, special interest groups, and the role of the media, students practiced what they learned by using one of two ways that everyday citizens influence policy: by writing an opinion editorial, or developing a public service announcement.  Students applied their historical knowledge of the Progressive Era, and acted as modern-day muckrakers as they identified a societal problem that interested them, researched the problem, evaluated sources to determine bias and propaganda and ensure credibility, and identified feasible solutions to the problem they identified and researched on their quest to answer the driving question, "How can YOU identify and shine a light on a societal problem, and speak up for those without the ability to do so?"  As they did this, they exercised critical 21st century skills: technology literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, time management, collaboration, and credible sourcing.  Moreover, they learned the value of civic engagement, and being a voice to the voiceless.

Digital Tool for Student Expression: Adobe Spark

Samples of Public Service Announcements and Opnion Editorials students developed after they identified, researched and evaluated their societal problems. 


Distracted Driving

Religious Discrimination