Ensuring all students have access to an active and inspiring learning environment.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is participating in a multi-year transformation to align our classroom instruction with our goal for all students – the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate.  This transformation, known as FCPSOn, will ensure that all students have access to an active and inspiring learning environment.

Lanier Middle School is fortunate enough to join all schools in the Chantilly Pyramid this year and actively contribute in this work. View the information below to learn more about this opportunity.

FCPSOn Transforming Learning

Student Device Guidelines

  • We will be collecting signed Student Device agreement forms ONLY for students who are planning to use their own devices instead of the school-issued FCPSOn laptops. 
  • Students will be issued a laptop and charger. 
  • All students will be given this flyer which includes guidelines for using their FCPSOn device.
  • Students under the age of 13 must have a parent review and sign the list of approved digital tools form used in classrooms at Lanier. 

Student Device Form Translations

Student Device Form - English

Student Device Form - Korean

Student Device Form - Spanish

Student Device Form - Arabic

Student Device Form - Chinese

Student Device Form - Farsi

Student Device Form - Urdu

Student Device Form - Vietnamese


Lost or Stolen Laptop

Generally, students do find their laptop but please make every effort to assist them in locating the machine at home. Additionally, we will try to track the machine here at school through your child’s teachers, our School Resource Officer, and via our Wifi network. If we do find it will get it to the student. If in 1 week it has not been found an additional email will be sent to you regarding payment for the lost laptop.

Please report lost/stolen laptops to Officer Kenyon and stop by the Library during Learning Seminar to pick up a Replacement Form.

Financial Responsibility