#Eyebombing Activity

By Lanier MS
November 02, 2018

Students on the Eagles team participated in school-wide #eyebombing. This is a new trend where people place googly eyes in public spaces to create faces and spread cheer. Students did this in Mrs. Miller’s and Mrs. Kallis’ English class during Anti-Bullying week. Students also participated in Perspective Writing with the face they created with their googly eyes! Students had to think about what life might be like from someone else’s point of view. They chose a conflict, specific point of view, and then wrote about how their “face” would handle the conflict. This paired perfectly with The Outsiders as seeing life from another person’s perspective is a major theme in the novel.

Everyone had a great time participating in this activity and students have loved finding faces looking at them and smile! What an amazing way to spread cheer and analysis J