Parent Resources for the Netflix Series: 13 Reasons Why

May 11, 2018

Parent Resources for the Netflix Series: 13 Reasons Why

A sequel to the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why is schedule to be released May 18. The first series dealt with a number of serious subjects to include suicide. The decision to watch this series, and whether to allow your student to watch the series alone or with a parent, will be a personal one for your family. When the original series was released, many in our community saw that it had a substantial impact on many of our students. As a result, we would like to provide some resources to help you navigate the series and inform your decisions. As always, Lanier Staff members, to include counselors, mental health clinicians, and administrators, are here to support you and your students. Please refer to the helpful resources below.

  • Link to a parent letter, including content of the show, how to talk to your child, and signs of concern in a child:  13 Reasons Why Letter

Text NEEDHELP to 85511, the CrisisText

Call the Crisis Link Regional Hotline at 703-527-4077

Additional resources can be found on the bottom of the Lanier Home Page: