May SOLs: Important Information & Schedule

April 26, 2018

May SOLs:  Important Information & Schedule

Lanier will administer SOLs May 15 – 25.   Please avoid scheduling trips and appointments during this time.   If students are absent on their day of testing, they will be scheduled for a make-up session as soon as possible. 

Retake Permission Forms:  Please check with your student to ensure he/she returned the yellow form.  If not, please complete and return to the front office or send an email to our testing coordinator at

Retake Consent Form (Yellow Form)

Please remind your student that NO PHONES or other electronic devices are allowed in the testing room.  If a student is found with a phone during testing (even if it is turned off), the school will consider possession of the phone as “Intent to Cheat” and the student will receive a zero on their SOL. 

Please help your student do their best by encouraging a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. 

SOL Parent Notification Letter - English | Arabic | Chinese | Farsi | Korean | Spanish | Urdu | Vietnamese

SOL Testing Schedule: Students are scheduled based on their teacher and class period.  Students will receive more information from their teachers and a reminder pass in early May.  For your planning purposes, please see the testing calendar. 

May SOLs Schedule

We are aware that Ramadan is observed during the SOL window.  If you are concerned about how this may impact your student, please contact our testing coordinator, Maggie Arnold , or your student’s counselor.